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Copenhagen Metro
5 decembrie 2017

Helping the Copenhagen metro adapt to climate change

In order to make the Copenhagen metro more resilient to extreme weather Ramboll is to assess its current level of protection and develop new climate adaptation initiatives.

By Martin Zoffmann

Since the establishment in 2002 the Copenhagen metro has become a huge success, and the characteristic driverless white trains are now an important vehicle for the expanding number of commuting Copenhageners. To ensure stable and reliable operations in the years to come, Metroselskabet (the company running the metro) has asked Ramboll to reevaluate the initiatives planned to adapt the metro to the future climate.

“Copenhagen has experienced a growing number of more intensive heavy rainfalls over the past years. And both the Danish Meteorological Institute and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have made adjusted prognoses showing that this tendency will continue in the future. We have hence decided to assess existing and future metro lines to upgrade the level of storm-surge protection where necessary,” says Lillah Emmik Sørensen, Climate Adaptation and Environmental Specialist in Metroselskabet.

Bringing in academic expertise

“Our assessment will show if it is necessary to raise the total level of protection. We will also make clear recommendations on measures to be considered in addition to the ones already planned for,” says Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Global Service Line Leader for Climate Adaptation in Ramboll.

To ensure that the latest scientific findings are included in the work, Ramboll has teamed up with Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, a leading professor and international expert in climate change impacts at the Technical University of Denmark.


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